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Set Staff Field Value

Use this page to change the value of the selected field for all of the currently selected staff members.

  1. On the start page, search for and select a group of staff members.
  2. Click Functions.
  3. Click Set Staff Field Value
  4. Enter the name of the field to be changed. To insert a PowerSchool field into this field:
    1. Click Fields to view a list of PowerSchool fields.
    2. To narrow the list of fields, enter one or more search terms in the Filter field. Otherwise, leave blank.
    3. Click the field you want to add.
  5. Enter the new value of the field. Put quotation marks around any values that do not perform calculations, such as constant characters or a string of characters.
  6. Select Clear Field Value if you want to remove any existing values for that field.
  7. Select Do not overwrite existing data if you do not want the system to overwrite any existing field values.
  8. Click Submit. When the operation is complete, click Back
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