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Refresh Attendance Tracking Data Report

The Refresh Attendance Tracking Data report creates Attendance Tracking records for students with truant attendance. The purpose of the report is to identify attendance that requires administrative or parental attention, such as excessive unexcused absences, unexcused tardies, or illness absences. Once this information is calculated and stored in the PowerSchool database, it can be used when printing attendance letters.

Note: It is recommended to complete the Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data process before running this report. To access this function, navigate to Attendance Functions from the Special Functions menu and select Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data.

The Refresh Attendance Tracking Data report performs the following processes:

Detail Record: The report creates one detail record for each truant attendance instance. There may be multiple detail records per student per day if the school uses Meeting attendance. The detail record types are:

    • A (absent)
    • T (tardy)
    • I (illness)

Summary Record: The report creates one summary record for the student for the day, if the student has a detail record for that day. The summary record types are:

    • TA (absent)
    • TT (tardy)
    • TI (total illness)

Notification Record: The report creates a notification record for the student if he/she has enough truant attendance records to require parent notification, such as if the student's records meet or exceed an attendance tracking threshold (set up at the District).

For example, you may track unexcused absences. At the school level, you set up an attendance code category named Unexcused Absence (UA), and you choose Meeting-Period-to-Day (MPTD) as the attendance mode used for attendance tracking and notification.

With this setup, the report creates a detail record for each attendance record associated with the UA attendance code category. Next, the report creates a summary record for each day where the student has a detail record. Finally, the report creates a notification record if the student's detail records meet or exceed an attendance tracking threshold, based on the MPTD attendance mode.

Note: This process must be completed prior to reports that require attendance tracking and notification data, including Truancy and Attendance Letters.

Run the Refresh Attendance Tracking Data Report

This report must be run at the district level. To run the report, choose System Reports under Reports in the main menu and then click Refresh Attendance Tracking Data.

  1. Select the Processing Option.

  2. Enter a date and time to run the report on a specific day or at a specific time.

  3. Click Submit.

When the report completes, click View.

A blank result file indicates data issues in the PowerSchool database, such as duplicate attendance records or duplicate FTEs. Investigate possible data issues before proceeding with attendance tracking and notification reports.

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