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Quick Export

Use Quick Export to produce a simple list of students and information from the Students table. In addition to fields, you can use data access tags (DATs), modifiers, and fields from related tablesThis function may be performed at the school or district level for a student selection or staff selection and is only available if your user role includes access to the Students table. If your user role includes access to the Students table, but one or more extended tables are restricted, extended table fields will appear masked on the export.

  1. Click Select Function, and then choose Quick Export

  2. Enter the fields you want to export:

    1. Click Fields.
    2. Use Filter to narrow the list of fields.
    3. Click the field you want to add.
    4. Repeat for each field you want to add.
  3. In most cases, you will not need to change the default settings for the remaining fields. However, if needed:

    • Choose a field delimiter to separate fields (or "columns") in the export file. 
    • Choose a record delimiter to separate records (or "rows") in the export file. 
    • If Other is selected, enter the delimiter.
    • Select Surround Fields to encase fields in quotation marks within the export file.
    • Clear Column titles on 1st row to exclude column headers within the export file.
    • Select Export DCID to export the Student table's unique identifier.
  4. Click Submit
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