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PowerSchool Registration

If your district or school has purchased PowerSchool Registration along with PowerSchool's student information system, you can enable the PowerSchool Registration plugin. PowerSchool Registration seamlessly facilitates new student registration, annual student registration, and year-round updates. PowerSchool Registration provides the ability to register your students in PowerSchool and eliminates the need to print paper registration packets every year. 

Note: Each PowerSchool client using PowerSchool Registration will have one or multiple uniquely configured PowerSchool Registration plugins, which are provided by your PowerSchool Registration solutions support staff. If you are already a PowerSchool Registration customer, please have your organization’s technical contact email your PowerSchool Registration specialist to request your site's upgrade to the new PowerSchool Registration plugin.

PowerSchool Registration Setup

To get started, enable the PowerSchool Registration plugin:

  1. On the start page, choose System under Setup in the main menu.
  2. Under Server, click System Settings
  3. Click Plugin Management Configuration
  4. Locate the PowerSchool Registration plugin.
  5. Select the Enable/Disable checkbox.
  6. Review the content.
  7. Click Enable to proceed. 

Work with PowerSchool Registration

Once PowerSchool Registration enabled, PowerSchool Registration can be accessed within the PowerSchool SIS based on Link Details

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