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Plugin Security Management

Monitory Plugin Activity

To ensure system security, you can monitor invalid access attempts to your API services. If a client attempts to obtain an API access token using invalid (expired or non-existent) client credentials or access tokens, a message is logged in the PSJ runtime log.

Use the PowerSchool Monitor to monitor the PSJ runtime log. For more information, see View PSJ Runtime Log.

Regenerate Client Credentials

If API services credentials have been compromised or you suspect they have been compromised, you can use this procedure to regenerate the API services credentials.

The following procedure works for version and later. For any versions older than, you should delete the plugin, reinstall it, and reenable it.

Regenerate Client ID and Secret

  1. On the start page, choose System under Setup in the main menu.
  2. Under Server, click System Settings.
  3. Click Plugin Management Configuration.
  4. Click the plugin name for which you want to reset the OAuth credentials.
  5. Click Data Provider Configuration
  6. Click Regenerate Client ID and Secret.
  7. Click Confirm Regenerate Client ID and Secret.
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