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Other Reports

On the Start Page, choose Form Reports from the Reports section in the main menu, then select the Other Reports tab to access additional reports.

Approval Audit – Student and Teacher Reports

This report displays student and teacher form responses that have been approved or rejected with the user, date, and time of approval action.

Category Completion

This report displays the submission status for all the forms within a form category for all the students or teachers in the current school.

To run the report, choose a Form Type, then a Category.

Submission status options include:

  • Not submitted – Forms not yet submitted on the student or teacher record.
  • Submitted – Forms submitted for the student or teacher.
  • N/A – Forms within the category that are not published to the student or teacher.

After you run the report, additional options appear to interact with the report data.




  • Use the Search field to filter the records. Only those records that match the search criteria in one of the visible columns will appear.
  • Each column also has its own search box so you can filter the data more specifically. Click the column header to sort the results by that column.

Hide/Show pagination

Show or hide the report’s page navigation.


Toggle between the default horizontal view or a vertical view.


Select which report column to display.


  • Export all or selected responses. Choose to export your report to a JSON, XML, CSV, or PDF file. 
  • Make all listed or checked persons the Current Selection.

Clear Filters

Clears all report filters.

Student Support Plan Detail

This report displays a list of students for whom a Student Support Plan was created. Click the Student Number to review the plan.

Pre-Registration Submissions Report

Refer to the Pre-Registration Submissions Report for details.

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