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Optimize the Master Schedule

Optimize your master schedule to meet as many student course requests as possible within the given parameters.

  1. On the start page, choose PowerScheduler under Applications in the main menu. The Scheduling page appears.
  2. Under Processing, choose Build from the PowerScheduler menu. The Build Schedule page appears.
  3. Select the Optimize master schedule option.
  4. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:



    Time Allowed for Optimizations

    Enter the number of hours in the first field and the number of minutes in the next field that you want the system to spend optimizing your master schedule.

    Skip courses with rank above

    Enter the course rank number of the course at which you want the system to stop optimizing. For example, you do not need to optimize course rank numbers 800-910 if these courses are ranked as such because they are already successfully scheduled. Enter 800 in the Max Rank field to have the system optimize the courses with a course rank of 1-799.

  5. Click Execute. The engine starts to run. For more information, see Understand the PowerSchool Scheduler Page.
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