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Optimize the Completed Master Schedule

When you determine that your master schedule is complete, PowerScheduler can perform a final optimization. Although it is not required, you should optimize the master schedule. For more information, see Optimize the Master Schedule.

Optimize your schedule before or after you make any manual adjustments. If you want to optimize your master schedule after you make manual adjustments and you want to keep these courses where you manually scheduled them, enter very high rank numbers for the adjusted courses in the course rank. You can then define that the system only optimizes courses with a lower rank number. If you did not keep track of the courses you adjusted, do not optimize.

Optimizing your schedule can only make it better. To safeguard the original completed master schedule before you optimize, duplicate the scenario. For more information, see Duplicate the Scenario.

After optimizing the master schedule, you can finalize it. For more information, see Finalize the Master Schedule.

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