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New Experience

New Experience At a Glance

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Several important functions from Specials Functions now appear in the Navigation Menu:

  • Health Management
  • Importing & Exporting
  • Incident Management
  • Search Attachments
  • Special Programs
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Quick Data includes charts for Attendance Taken (school-level only), At Risk, and Incident Count. You can click a link to view detailed information about each chart. You can disable the charts you do not wish to see to minimize the Quick Data section.

Get StartedThe new header appears with updated icons. In addition, the header displays the user menu (your initials) icon that replaces the Personalize Settings page.
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With the new school picker, you can view more school names at a given time and the new color scheme makes it easier to read. Additionally, the current school appears highlighted at the top of the menu.

With the new term picker, you can view more terms at a given time, the new color scheme makes it easier to read, and the current term appears highlighted at the top of the menu. Additionally, you can click Calendar to view the number of days in the term.

About Searching

  • The new search makes it quicker and easier to find what you are looking for:
  • People Filter: Use this filter to limit search results to Students, Staff, and Contacts. When performing a student search, you can search by names, fields, and stored searches. Staff and Contacts do not appear in the drop-down list for users who do not have the applicable security permissions.
  • Fields Filter: Using this filter to limit search results to any of the listed fields directly, without having to know or enter the field name.
  • Search Box: By default, Smart Search is enabled. As you begin to type, the search box immediately displays a drop-down of matching results. Users can disable Smart Search if they do not want to use it.
  • Search Matches: Within the drop-down of matching results, you can add or remove individually to the current selection or press ENTER or RETURN to add all matches.
  • Quick Search Alphabet: By default, the Quick Search Alphabet (A-Z letters) are disabled, but can be enabled by users that want to use them.
  • Include Inactive Student/Staff Results: By default, inactive students and staff are not included in search results but can be enabled by users that want to have them included alongside the active students or staff.
  • Build Search: As you build your search, you can see the components of each search, making it easy to remove components individually or Clear All.
  • Advanced Search: Advanced Search appears in a slide-out drawer making it easier to see the impact of adding and removing items on the current selection.
Daily Bulletin

The Daily Bulletin appears on the Start Page by default. You can configure the visibility of the Daily Bulletin at the district level per school.

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