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LDAP Setup

In order for PowerSchool to authenticate users using an LDAP directory server, the LDAP directory server must be configured within PowerSchool.

Configuring the LDAP directory server consists of providing the server's address, port, SSL setting, and LDAP directory administrator credentials. It is possible to selectively enable or disable the use of LDAP for three groups of users: staff, teachers, and students. Each group of users enabled for LDAP must also have a domain context configured that identifies the root of the tree where each group of user accounts is located along with the name of the user ID attribute from the directory schema.

Once configured, the LDAP directory server synchronizes the usernames stored in PowerSchool's database with the sign in (user) IDs stored in your LDAP directory server.

To get started, configure the following setup items in the order by which they appear:

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