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Health Plan Templates

Health Plan Templates provide you with the ability to create and use templates based upon specific conditions. When associating a health plan with a student, you can select a health plan template and customize it for the student based on their specific needs for the condition. Once a health plan is associated with a student, an alert appears on the student's record indicating the active health plan to other users that interact with the student. Once a user has read and understood the health plan for the student, a read receipt is logged for that user. Templates that have been locked by your district cannot be edited or deleted.

  1. On the start page, choose District under Setup in the main menu.
  2. Under Health, click Health Plan Templates
  3. To add a template:

    1. Click Create
    2. Select Enable Template to make the template available on the student Health page Health Plans tab.

    3. Enter the Template Name and Template Description.

    4. Enter a Start Date and/or an End Date if the template is only valid for a period of time.

    5. Click Next
    6. Enter the Name and Description for the default health plan, which can be as the Template NameThis information appears when using this template to create a health plan for a student and can/should be changed per student.

    7. Enter the Details of the health plan using the rich-text editor. You can insert PowerSchool data codes into the template using Smart Tags. The data codes tell PowerSchool what fields you want in the template. When a health plan is associated with a student, PowerSchool will then pull the data from those fields for the selected student and inserts that data into the student's health plan. Any data that is not available or set for the student will be marked as --.

    8. Click Save.
  4. To duplicate, delete, or change the display order of a template, click the Gear and choose the function you would like to perform.

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