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Global Server Settings

Use the Global Server Settings page to configure any application or external system that requires a connection to PowerSchool. Settings are initially configured during the installation process. All external systems are configured to use SSL.

Navigate to the Global Server Settings Page

  1. On the start page, choose System under Setup in the main menu. 
  2. Under Server, click System Settings
  3. Click Global Server Settings
  4. Scroll to the section you want to edit:
    • PowerSchool Configuration - External Access
    • PowerSchool Configuration - Internal Access
    • Enterprise Reporting/ReportWorks Developer Settings - External Access
    • Application Message Service - Internal Access
    • Document Attachment Server Configuration - External Access
    • Document Attachment Server Configuration - Internal Access
  5. Edit information as needed:
    Note: Certain information may be read-only.



    Allow connections only via hostname

    When enable, any connections using any server address other than the Web server hostname will be redirected to use the Web server hostname.

    Note: Enabling this setting is not recommended.


    When SSL is enabled, the default port is 443.

    When SSL is not enabled, the default port is 80.

    Enterprise Reporting/ReportWorks Developer Settings: Make sure you set this to the same port that was specified during the PowerSchool installation process. The default port is 7980.

    Application Message Service: Only one messaging server is set up for all environments. The default port is 61616.

    Secure Server SSL

    Select the checkbox to enable SSL.

    Note: When utilizing the internal IP address behind the load balancer, SSL is typically not enabled.

    Note: It is recommended that you begin running without SSL to ensure that the application is configured properly before configuring the system to use SSL.

    Note: SSL requires additional Tomcat configuration.

    Server Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)

    The server hostname or IP address on the external network.

    Server Host Name or IP Address

    The server hostname or IP address on the internal network.

    Note: It is recommended that you do not use If used, Tomcat must be running on every node PowerSchool is running on. If it is not, user will receive an error message when attempting to sign in to the PowerSchool Student and Parent portal on that node.

  6. Click Submit
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