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Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express

PowerSchool Ecollect Forms/Enrollment Express version is available as of 3/20/2022.


Product AreaDescription

Parent – Contacts Element

Parents interacting with the Contacts element during form completion now see the Display value for address type, phone, email, and relationship—similar to country, state, and gender. If no Display value is available, the Code value is displayed.

Teacher – Removed Templates Tab

The Templates tab was removed from the New Form dialog in the Teacher portal.

Resolved Issues

Product AreaDescriptionReference

Admin – Checkbox Options in Form Reports

When checkbox options on a form had been configured with user-facing and piped values, a mix of user-facing and piped values appeared on the Response report. This issue was resolved.


Admin – Checkbox Responses

On the Response report, the Checkbox element reported answers for all checkbox elements on the form. This issue was resolved. Now, each checkbox element reports its own responses.


Admin – Email for SIS Pre-Registration

The Send Enrollment Email checkbox to enable or disable Approval emails for parents as part of the SIS pre-registration setup was not working. This has been resolved.


Admin – SIS Pre-Registration Approval

When an admin with insufficient permissions approved a SIS pre-registration submission, it resulted in the loss of the parent Access ID and password. This issue was resolved.  Admins within the administrative group that have insufficient permissions can no longer approve SIS pre-registration submissions.


Admin – SIS Pre -Registration Form Building

When building a SIS pre-registration form, opening the Notifications settings cleared out the School Preference element settings. This issue was resolved.


Admin /Parent – Line Break Formatting Error

When the Enter key was used to create a line break in Collection Table and Enhanced Collection Table elements, it resulted in formatting errors on the submitted response. This issue was resolved.


Admin /Parent – SIS Pre-Registration Access Credentials

When an admin approved SIS pre-registration submissions and a record returned a potential duplicate, the access credentials were not successfully created. This issue was resolved.


Parent – SIS Pre-Registration Email

The SIS pre-registration email formatted the student’s name incorrectly. This issue was resolved.


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