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Document Attachments Work with Student Groups

Work with Document Attachments

  1. On the start page, search for and select a group of students.
  2. Click the [Select Function] arrow. 
  3. Under Search, choose Search Attachments
  4. To narrow the list of attachments, use the filters and click Apply.

To download document attachments, select which attachments you want to work with and click Download Selection. A zip file is created when downloading multiple document attachments. Within the zip file, a folder is created based on each selected student number. Within each student number folder, document attachments are listed by file name. If name of the attachment is more than 250 characters, it will be truncated. If there are duplicate attachments, the duplicate will be suffixed with a sequential number, such as _1, _2, etc.

Export Document Attachment Data

To export document attachment student quota data, run the Get Student Quota query using the Data Export Manager.

  1. On the start page, click Importing & Exporting
  2. Under Exporting, click Data Export Manager
  3. Choose Additional Data Sets or Show All from Category menu.
  4. Choose Document Attachment: Get Student Quota from the Export From menu.
  5. Select your desired settings and click Next. See Export Data Using the Data Export Manager to better understand the available options.
  6. Choose your settings for Select/ Edit Records from... and click Next.
  7. Choose your Export Summary and Output Options and click Export

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