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Schoolnet Assessments

Schoolnet and PowerTeacher Gradebook work in combination with one another when Schoolnet-created assessments are shared with PowerTeacher Gradebook. Shared Schoolnet-created assessments appear in PowerTeacher Gradebook as assignments. Using PowerTeacher Gradebook, you can then manage assessments as you would assignments.


  • To view a Schoolnet-created assessment in PowerTeacher Gradebook, the assessment must be designated in Schoolnet as "shared" with PowerTeacher Gradebook.
  • If the assessment is changed from "shared" to "not shared" with PowerTeacher Gradebook, and is not deleted, the assessment remains in both Schoolnet and PowerTeacher Gradebook.
  • Once the assessment is changed to "not shared" with PowerTeacher Gradebook, any further updates to the assessment in Schoolnet are no longer sent to PowerTeacher Gradebook.
  • If the assessment is once again changed to "shared" with PowerTeacher Gradebook, assessment updates are once again sent to PowerTeacher Gradebook from Schoolnet.


  • Schoolnet-created assessments can be viewed in the PowerTeacher Gradebook using the Assignments window or the Scoresheet Assignments window.
  • Schoolnet-created assessments are identified with a downward pointing arrow in the lower-right corner of the assignment column header. When you hover the mouse over the column header, a pop-up displays assessment information, including where the assessment was created.


  • If an assessment's due date or score is updated in Schoolnet after it first appears in PowerTeacher Gradebook, the updated information is sent to PowerTeacher Gradebook and overrides the existing due date or score.


  • Only an assessment that has yet to be completed by students can be deleted within Schoolnet.
  • If an assessment is deleted in Schoolnet, the corresponding assessment is also deleted for all sections in the PowerTeacher Gradebook.
  • If an assessment is deleted for a section in the PowerTeacher Gradebook, the Event API automatically sends a delete notification to Schoolnet. The corresponding assessment in Schoolnet is automatically set to not shared for that specific section.
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