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Gradebook Launch Installers

The PowerTeacher Gradebook Launch installers provide you with a way to distribute a new launch method for the Gradebook that protects teachers from Java updates. It also includes a desktop shortcut that allows teachers to login to the Gradebook directly. Teachers with access to install and run files on their computers can complete the quick setup themselves. Or you can access the installers to help with their deployment.

Install Gradebook Launch

The Gradebook Launcher is installed one time on each computer that accesses PowerTeacher Gradebook. Once installed, teachers can click Launch on the PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal navigation menu, or use the desktop shortcut to launch the Gradebook.

To navigate to more information on helping teachers with the install, choose System under Setup in the main menu on the start page. The System Administrator page appears.

  1. Click System Settings
  2. Click Gradebook Launch Installers
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Click Windows (All users on computer) to download and install the all users version of the launcher. Deploy this installer in a lab environment where multiple users sign in to a single computer.
    • Click Windows (Single user) to download and install the single user version of the launcher. This is the same installer that is available to teacher from PowerSchool SIS Teacher portal. Deploy this installer if you have only a single user access the Gradebook.
    • Click Mac to download and install the Mac version of the launcher. Be sure and move the to the /Applications folder after installation if multiple users will access the Gradebook.
    Note: Click the FAQ tab for troubleshooting tips.
    Note: Internet Explorer with SmartScreen Filter enabled may see a warning message when downloading the launcher. On the warning message, click More Options, and then select Run Anyway to allow the launcher to download.
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