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PowerTeacher Pro offers a selection of reports to assist you in daily classroom activities, as well as with assessing student performance. You can generate reports for all students enrolled in a single class, enrolled in all your classes, or specific students.

Use the Report Queue to display, delete, cancel, and resubmit reports. When you run a report, it displays on the Report Queue page along with the submission date and the report's process status.

Access the Report Queue from the Reports menu, or click the Notification icon and choose Report Queue. A badge displays on the Notification icon to indicate the number of reports currently available on the Report Queue page. 

On the Report Queue page you can:

  • Click the report title to review or download the completed report.
  • Click the Date header to sort the reports. 
  • Click the Details icon to display the Report Job Detail page.
  • Resubmit the report on the Report Job Detail page.
  • Click the Cancel icon in the Actions column to cancel the report. The icon is only available if the report is incomplete.
  • Click the Delete icon in the Actions column on the Report Job Detail page. Click Confirm to complete the deletion.
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