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PowerSchool Learning Assignments

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Use PowerTeacher Pro to enter scores, display messages, download attachments, and use the Online Work drawer to annotate student work for assignments created in PowerSchool Learning.

Learning assignment features are only available if your school has enabled PowerSchool Learning.

Work with Learning Assignments

Online Work is only available in PowerTeacher Pro for Learning assignment activities for which Dropbox and PowerSchool Display were enabled during assignment creation. You can edit the following assignment activity fields in PowerSchool Learning:

  • Classes
  • Assignment Name
  • Score Type
  • Score Entry Points
  • Due Date
  • Description
  • Auto-Calculate Assignment Standards Scores

Other assignment fields you modify in PowerTeacher Pro are not updated in Learning. Assignments you create in Learning default to the Immediately publish setting. To unpublish these assignments, change the setting on the Publish tab of the Edit Assignment dialog box.

Assignments created in Learning cannot be copied or deleted in PowerTeacher Pro.

Online Work

When PowerSchool Learning is enabled, the Online Work column displays for Learning assignments.

When you display the assignment on the Assignment Detail or Student pages, the Online Work column includes a paperclip icon to indicate the student's submitted online work. Click the paperclip to display the Online Work drawer. 

When you delete an activity in PowerSchool Learning, the associated Online Work is deleted in PowerTeacher Pro.

Click the toggle to display or hide the Online Work drawer.

Annotate Attachments

  1. In the Online Work section, select a file.  
  2. Choose Annotate to display the annotator or Download to download the attachment.
    1. Annotate the attach as needed. Add comments, create markings or highlight areas.
    2. Use the annotator tools to add elements to the attachment.
    3. Optionally, click Select, then click an existing element you want to move or delete. 
  3. Click Reviewed to mark the attachment as reviewed.
  4. Click Hand Back to create a new version of the file in the Messages area. This version does not display in the Online Work area as it is no longer available for annotation.


In the Messages section, click the plus icon to compose a message. 

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