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Use Students to review student progress, manage communications, and work with assignments.

Analyze performance throughout the term to ensure that students are mastering the skills and standards you are teaching. Review students' performance as you prepare to complete final grades for report cards, and then use the gradebook to prepare for and conduct parent-teacher conferences.

Other pages in PowerTeacher Pro are optimized to display performance for an entire class using the Progress pages. The individual student pages, however, provide more detailed information. This is particularly useful for entering multiple scores for a single student, and during parent-teacher conferences to explain why a student earned a particular grade.

  1. From the main navigation menu, select Students. If a student enrolled in the class after the start date, New  - [date] displays under the student's name for two weeks after the late enrollment. If the student has transferred from another class, you can transfer the scores.
  2. Use the Search field to locate a student. You can choose to search within all of a teacher's classes or limit the search to a single class. Alternatively, you can search within a chosen student group. 

  3. Select a Student View  to display the details for the student highlighted in the Students list. Use the Quick Menu to navigate to other pages in the Students section of PowerTeacher Pro.
  4. Select Show Dropped. to display only dropped students.
  5. Click a student name to display details for that student. 
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