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Traditional Grades Progress

The graph on the Traditional Grades Progress page shows the distribution of grades for the class for the selected reporting term. It also shows the aggregate totals for missing, late, or incomplete assignments, as well as grade scale information.

This page provides a graphical view of the grade distribution across the selected class.

The black demarcation line shows where the cutoff is between passing and failing grades. 

  1. On the main navigation menu, choose Progress, then choose Traditional
  2. Use the class selector to change to a different class, or to select a class group.
  3. Click the information icon to view details for the associated grade scale.
    a screenshot of an arrow pointing to the information icon
  4. Click View All to view the Traditional Grades Distribution. Students who have a custom grade scale association are indicated by an orange triangle in the corner of the student name field.
    1. Click the gear icon. Select or clear the Show Trend checkbox to show or hide the trend column. Select the term you want to compare against.
    2. Click a Grade Distribution graph to view the final grades and trend comparison. Arrows indicate if the grades are trending up or down against the selected comparison term.
    3. Click OK to close the screen.
  5. Click MissingLate, or Incomplete to view the Traditional Grades page with summary information on each category.
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