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Traditional Grade Calculations

Use this page to define traditional grade calculations for PowerTeacher Pro. You must have the necessary permissions to make adjustments to the calculations set by the district. Checkmarks indicate which aspects of the calculation formula you have permission to change.

Read more about Grade Calculation Types.

When the Category Weighting Grade is calculated, the decimal points of the percentages are rounded off even if it is set to calculate to 2 decimal places.

  1. On the menu bar, click Settings, and then choose Traditional Grade Calculations.
  2. Select the class, and then click Edit next to the specific term. A lock icon indicates that the term is locked and the grade calculations for that term cannot be modified.
  3. On the Formula tab, select the calculation type, attribute, and weight. Use weight values that equal a total of 100% in the Percent columns. If enabled, you can set Specific Weights for standards as well.
  4. Click the plus sign to add a type. Click the minus sign next to a type to remove it.
  5. To calculate the overall class grade using the formula, verify that Calculate Overall Class Grade is checked.
  6. On the Drop Low Scores tab, select lows scores to drop from the calculation.
  7. Click Save.

Specific Weights for Standards

You can define specific weights for standards grades if the administrator has enabled security permissions for you to do so.

If the Specific Weights attribute is selected for Standards Weighting, the Specific Weights tab displays the weights that are applied to the selected formula. The tab displays the course's standards, the weighting of the standard, and the percentage of the standards grade based on the weight entered. You can clear all of the weight values, or select Revert to Default to automatically enter the weight values set by the district.

Revert to Default Grade Calculation Formula

If you changed the default grade calculation formula set by the school or district, you can revert to the default setting by clicking the Revert to Default button located on the class heading. If the button does not appear, the default settings have not been modified.

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