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Individual Student Report

This is a multi-function report that allows you to generate a report for a student listing assignment scores, progress grades, standards grades, and comments

This report displays all sections you can access. If you are a co-teacher, the name of the lead teacher for each class displays on the report.

  1. Select Reports, then choose Individual Student Report.
  2. Under Criteria, enter a report title.
  3. Choose from the Classes drop-down list.
  4. If you have created a Custom Class Name, select the checkbox to add it to the report output.
  5. To include all classes for each selected student for the specified term, select the Include Students' Full Schedule checkbox.
    • When this option is selected, other Sort Options and Data fields are unavailable. For more information, see Standards Progress Report.
    • When this option is selected, if you have opted to show pre-registered students, they will display on the report.

      Select Include Students' Full Schedule to generate a report similar to the Multi-Section Report in PowerTeacher Gradebook. You can customize the report to display scores by assignment, with the final grade for each reporting term listed on one or multiple pages per student. It provides the student scores for any class the student is taking.

  6. Under Sort Options, choose from the Layout, Students, and Assignments options.
    • To sort the report by section and then by student within each section, choose By Section, By Student. This option is not available if you selected to Include Student's Full Schedule. If Separate Report is selected, this option will create one PDF file for each section.
    • To sort by student across all sections, choose By Student. If Separate Report is selected, this option will create one PDF file for each student for each section.
  7. Under Data, choose the Areas to Include, then select from the additional data options.
  8. Choose from the Date Range and Data Filters.

  9. Click Students.
  10. To run the report for a subset of students, select Add/Remove Students and use the filter to locate specific students. Clear the selections next to the students to exclude from the report.
  11. Click Format. Enter the text to include in the Top Note and Bottom Note on the report.
  12. Click Run Report.

    When using Safari browser, the report output appears in a window. Choose File, then select Export as PDF to download the report to your computer. Typically, other browsers automatically download the file to the folder you designated on your computer.
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