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Class Descriptions

Class descriptions and other class information that you add will display in the PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals, and PowerSchool Mobile. Examples include the grading policy, class syllabus, links to class resources, and more.

If a lock appears next to the class name, all reporting terms for the class are locked. You are unable to update the class description or custom class name.

  1. From the Class Selector, choose the scheduling term and class, or group.
  2. Select the term in which the class meets, if different from the current term.
  3. On the main navigation menu, select Settings and then choose Class Descriptions.
  4. Enter the class description, syllabus, or other details in the Description field. You can also copy content from a Microsoft Word document and paste it into this field.
  5. Click the arrow next to another class name to open the details pane and add a description.
  6. Click Save.

Custom Class Name

Customize class names to help manage and quickly identify courses. For example, if you have multiple Biology classes that include the same course name, you can customize the names to quickly differentiate between courses.

Use the Custom Class Name field to enter a unique class name that only appears in your PowerTeacher Pro gradebook. Co-teachers or students and parents will not see this custom name.

You can choose to include the custom class name in your PowerTeacher Pro reports. Check the Use Custom Class Name checkbox when selecting the report criteria to display the Custom Class Name on the report.

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