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Use Surveys New Features

Create a survey

  1. Navigate to Connections and select Surveys New.

  2. Select Create a Survey.

    • Select Success Plan Survey if you plan to assign the survey as a task. Students can only access a Success Plan survey via the task.

    • Set the Report Level to anonymous so students' responses are only available in the summary report. You cannot change the Report Level after you have created the survey.

    • Share your survey to add it to the Shared Survey Library.

    • For surveys such as brag sheets, choose Survey will be a permanent data input form that should remain editable after completion. Students can revise their answers as needed. You cannot, however, generate a list of students who have completed the survey because the survey status is never displayed as complete.

  3. Enter the survey details and then click Save.

  4. Click Add/Edit Questions.

  5. From Add/Modify a Question, select a Question Type or a Built-In question from the lists, enter the question details, and then click Save & Close.

  6. From the survey details, set the survey to Active when ready to publish it in Naviance Student.

Survey responses may be altered if you add, edit, or delete questions for an active survey.

Question types

The following question types are available when creating a survey:

  • Custom questions

    • Short Text (Single Input)

    • Short Text (Multiple Input)

    • Long Text

    • Dropdown

    • Multiple Choice

    • Checkboxes

    • Rating

    • Numeric Response

    • Date

    • Matrix (Single Choice)

  • Built-in questions

    • College applications

      A student's response to this question updates their Colleges I'm Applying To list.

      When a student indicates that they are attending a college via this question, the Reported Outcome field in the student folder updates to a 4- or 2-year college, depending on the student's selection.

    • Student scholarships

      A student's response to this question updates their Favorite Scholarships list, as well as their data in the Scholarships section of the student folder.

    • Post-graduation pan

      A student's response to this question updates the Student Plan field in the student folder. It does not update the Reported Outcome field.

      To update the reported outcome for a student via surveys, the student must complete the built-in Graduation Survey.

    • Career goals

      This data does not currently populate any other field in Naviance.

Question actions

As you build your survey, you can:

  • Redo or Undo an action.

  • Preview the survey.

  • Add multiple pages to the survey, giving each page a title and a description.

  • Select the hamburger menu to reorder a question.

  • Remove a question.

  • Mark a question as required.

  • Copy a question.

  • Open Question Settings by selecting Question Settings for the question.

  • Select Hold responses for review before student records are updated for the College Applications and Student Scholarships built-in questions. Choose this option to hold responses for review and approval before information in the Colleges I'm Applying To and Scholarships sections of the student's folder are updated.

Question settings

Use Question Settings to add more details to your question.

  • Edit the question in a text box.

  • Add a description for the question.

  • Mark the question as required or not required.

  • Use Skip Logic to create conditions for a question.

  • Edit the layout of the question.

Skip logic

Use Skip Logic to display the respondent's next questions based on their previously answered questions.

Naviance recommends creating all of your survey questions before adding skip logic.

  1. Navigate to Connections and select Surveys New.

  2. Choose edit for the selected survey.

  3. Click Add/Edit Questions.

  4. Choose the question to which you want to add the logic.

  5. From Question Settings, select Skip Logic, choose the question respondents should answer first, select the condition, and then enter a value.

  6. Optionally:

    • Select Preview to ensure you have set up the Skip Logic correctly.

    • Click Add Condition to enter more conditions for the questions.

  7. Click Save & Close.

Understand survey statuses




Draft survey


Published survey without a start or end date or with a start or end date that has not yet passed


Published survey with an end date that has passed

Delete a survey

Navigate to Connections, select Surveys New, and then choose delete for the selected survey.

Use the Shared Survey Library New

The Shared Survey Library New includes surveys built and shared using the new survey builder.

  1. From Naviance or Naviance for Districts, navigate to Connections, and select Surveys New.

  2. Select Shared Survey Library New.

  3. Optionally, select:

    1. Preview to display the survey.

    2. Copy to give the survey a new name and add it to your school or district's survey library.

Customize built-in surveys

Inactivate or activate a built-in survey or add custom questions. Before adding custom questions to a built-in survey, you must create a custom survey and add the questions.

You cannot edit the built-in questions.

  1. Navigate to Connections and select Surveys New.

  2. Select the survey name.

  3. Optionally, select Active or Inactive.

  4. Optionally, from the Add Questions to the Built-In Survey section, select an option from the Choose a School Survey or Choose a District Survey list

  5. Optionally, select Preview to display the combined surveys.

  6. Click Save to update the survey.

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