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Future Planning in Naviance Student

New Student Homepage and Future Planning First Look.pdf

Use Future Planning to:

  • Review your Career Goals which include the first three careers in alphabetical order from your Favorites list.

  • Review the skills and knowledge sets needed for careers you are interested in.

  • Select the plan that will put you on track for success in your future career goals.

  • Customize the Naviance Student homepage with information that is relevant to your future plan.

Select a Future Plan and Customize the Homepage

  1. From the Naviance Student homepage, select Choose Path.

  2. Select a future plan and then click Select Path or Edit Path. Your homepage updates to display relevant information for your future plan.

Clear your web browser's cache if you cannot select a plan.

Path Features



College: Associate's Degree

College: Bachelor's Degree

  • Colleges I’m Applying To

  • Colleges I’m Thinking About

  • Favorite Scholarships

Career Education or Trade School

Apprenticeship Program


  • Self-Discovery results

  • Roadtrip Nation

Military Service

  • ASVAB Scores

  • Military Resources

I'm Not Sure

Gap Year or Service Year

  • Self-Discovery results

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